The Warehouse Arts District Association is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to creating a vibrant arts community in and around St. Petersburg, FL.


Our mission is to build and sustain a vibrant arts community in St. Petersburg, Florida that supports the success of all artists and the community at large through a broad spectrum of tools, including community revitalization, marketing, advocacy and educational programming. 

We are a cultural arts destination in the heart of downtown St. Petersburg dedicated to flourishing our community through artistic endeavors, support, and highly curated art. 

Non-Profit Arts Association

The Warehouse Arts District Association (WADA) is an arts organization dedicated to building and sustaining a vibrant arts community within and around the Warehouse Arts District. Spanning from 1st Avenue North to 10th Avenue South and 16th Street to 31st Street, the Warehouse Arts District includes the Deuces Live Main Street and is comprised of a thriving community of over 300 businesses that support both the artistic outreach of the organization and the community revitalization. 

WADA employs a broad spectrum of tools to include marketing, advocacy, community stimulation and educational programming to support the success of artists and local community. We thrive on donor support, community partners and WADA members; please join us!

WADA members and donors receive access to free arts education classes, workshops, exhibit previews and more! Plus, you are making a difference in creating a community where arts, businesses, and local residents benefit from the synergy of artistic energy, a catalyst for positive growth.

There are more than 300 members of the association which includes artists, studios, galleries, art supporters, business supporters and sponsors.

Board of Directors

Board Officers

  • Board President – Mark Aeling
  • Board Vice President – Reuben Pressman
  • Board Treasurer – Robert Kapusta
  • Board Secretary – Teresa Sullivan

Board Members

Susan Antoinette

Jim Aresty

Nancy Cohen

Veatrice Farrell 

Jesse Javens

Ya La’Ford

Ronald Schlosser 

Debbie Storey


  • Executive Director – Markus Gottschlich
  • Director of Operations & Events – Jeff Surrena

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