50 W Franklin Street

50 W Franklin


This site was once buzzing with activity as trains crossing the country stopped here to load and unload their freight.   More recently the original All Souls Procession  created by local artists would come to close here with live performances on the docks.  To learn more about the procession check out the link.    http://www.allsoulsprocession.org/

(From the 2013 site)     The All Souls Procession is one of the most meaningful and inclusive events in our nation…  What started out as an intimate personal expression is now an enormous  hyper-creative vehicle for release and integration of grief and loss for many 10’s of thousands of individual participants. 

This is not a stand-by-and-watch parade…  You are invited to come walk with us bringing whatever your spirit wants to create.

This is a non-motorized, participant-based experience of which you are the content provider!  Put it on wheels, strap it to your back, wear it, put lights in it, walk or ride it and keep it under 10 ft tall OR make it so it can lower and raise again to get under the low clearance areas.

The All Souls Procession is NOT a city owned or corporate funded event. We are the owners…  YOU and I…  If you put something in the URN to burn at the end, if you walk with us pushing a rolling altar, if you drop money in the donation boxes, if you volunteer for a season helping construct an art project, teaching a workshop or helping us clean up, YOU are a stakeholder!  Watch for upcoming details on the 2013 event. 

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